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"Jordan Benefit Services" Employee Benefits and Insurance Services

Apply Online for Family and Individual Health Insurance, see below!

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of  Texas now offers child only and individual family policies. Quoting, apply, choose the plan that fits your personal needs.  Just click on the link below!

By clicking the Blue Cross link below,  you may do everything very simply online!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Click here to Quote or Apply for Blue Cross individual/family plans online!

Humana One is now offering an individual and family policy.  Please call for the plan benefits and summary. We will assist you with obtaining the coverage that best suits your needs.


Click here to apply online for Humana One Individual and family policy.


Aetna Policies and quotes.
Individual and family policies.

AETNA Apply here for Individual Policies and quotes.

Texas Health Insurance Laws / Regs and now...Apply online for individual policies below-
News and misc. information:
Are you in compliance with your COBRA / HIPAA regulations?  We work with  a high quality administrator  to help keep you in compliance with the constantly changing laws and regulations.
Jan. 2006  SB 51 is put into effect......are you complying? This is regarding the termination notice when you terminate an employee  for your insurance carrier. YOU MUST teminate your employee's when then quit or are fired  immediately! You could be liable for the next month(s) premiums!
Are you eligible for State Continuation Rules?  What about Cobra?  What about  both of them?
Yes,  you can be eligible for both Cobra AND state continuation both! Groups with UNDER 20 employees, you are subject to a Texas state continuation rule instead of the COBRA law.
Do you know what Texas State mandates cover in your policy now?
Are you in compliance with HIPAA notices?  What about your other required notices?  What are your time frames?
Do you know IF you must hold an OPEN enrollment meeting and how many you must hold?  What are the special conditions for other employees  to apply?
*Does your broker/agent  keep you informed? 
We will provide you with a COBRA/HIPPA administration quote  if you are over 20 employees and subject to COBRA.  This is an 'employer' law and Conexis is the best quality administrator in the industry in my personal and professional  opinion.
At  JBS,  we keep our clients informed and give you the best we have to offer....Great Customer Service! 

Specializing in the complex areas of COBRA & HIPAA
Please call me for a quote on Conexis ..they know their business!

I will send you a census form to complete upon your request so that we may issue quotes to you for both individual and group policies. 

Rating for your small group business will depend upon some of these factors:

*Number of employees on plan, gender, dependents, medical conditions, and area location are a few of them. Most carriers require 75% participation in the plan with at least 50% (some 75%) contribution by the employer. Any complaints can be addressed through the Texas Dept. of Insurance in Austin.

This is for informational and educational  purposes only...please contact your professional attorney for all legal advice.

This  is for informational and educational  purposes only...please contact your professional attorney for all legal advice.

Customer Service is our top priority!