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"Jordan Benefit Services" Employee Benefits and Insurance Services

Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

We at Jordan Benefit Services, are firmly and extremely committed to protecting your privacy. The information that we collect is used only to bring you the very best products and services we have available to suit your needs. Insurance carriers require a great amount of personal information and we want to assure you that it will remain personal and private.  We do NOT share any of your information with third parties with the exception of other insurance carriers, some linked by our site, for reasons of quoting, issuing policies, et. We urge you to read the policies from insurers linked to our website, as we have no control over those. Your personal information shared with JBS will remain just that….personal and confidential.  We follow all state and federal HIPAA laws regarding your information and privacy laws. Please feel free to call should you have any questions at all about the privacy of the information you provide to us.

Your privacy is important to us!

Customer Service is our top priority!