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"Jordan Benefit Services" Employee Benefits and Insurance Services

Alamo Area Colleges

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San Antonio College Alumni Association and Student insurances.
-Student Health Insurance
-Short Term Medical Insurance
-Tuition Insurance
-Renters Insurance
-Travel Insurance
-Auto Insurance
available through Gradguard, the below link. Gradguard has so much to offer for the college alumni!
Designed to protect the needs of today's college students and alumni association.
Click on the link below for enrollment information and you will be redirected to the Gradguard site. Call should you have any questions 210-421-8361 and you will be directed to the appropriate person to assist you. 
Permanent health and life  insurance policies are available through Jordan Benefit Services at the above number should  you require a more permanent policy. Or you may email me for a quote at  See above menu for Individual and  Family policies also available.
JBS does not write property and casualty insurance however our partner Gradguard can assist you with all of your P&C needs.


Student and Alumni insurances

Customer Service is our top priority!